How To Double Your Business – Revealed

I am Dr. Frank Liberti and I want to tell our Liberator2 users how I was able to increase my chiropractic practice from 78K to over a million in just months…

One of my goals is to influence you, at the right time, with either  the right words, or actions, or both,  such that you may follow the same business techniques that I used to achieve the expansion I did. In this correspondence,  I share that path with you.

My Dr. Frank Story - Shared With Liberator2 users

It was 1979. I was a newly graduated chiropractor earning 500 dollars a month practicing in Manhattan, NY. I realized, that while I was a great chiropractor,  I did not know how to expand my business. So, I hired a chiropractic consultant to help me increase my earnings. I knew I needed something more. He asked me how much I wanted to earn. I said five thousand dollars a month. He said – OK no problem. He showed me how to switch my belief system to a new belief that enabled me to increase my earnings to what I wanted – from 500 dollars a week to to 1,500 a week.  In 1979, that was significant.

4 years later, he asked me how I was doing  I replied: “Great – I’m earning 5K a month”. He replied back; ” Frank – I thought you would be earning 5K a week by now”.

How could someone else think I was worth more money that I thought I was worth?

Soon after, I discovered my “financial thermostat” was set too low but that wasn’t enough. Yes, I needed to believe that I was worth more but I also needed to learn a different way to conduct my chiropractic business that would expand my business by 100% to 300%. In other words, your belief system can only take you so far – you have to back it up with technology. Business is a science and business is good for someone somewhere all the time. So, I hired a new consultant. A different type of consultant. Again, I knew I needed more.

Growth Means Doing Things Differently And Adding New Ways To Do Business!

I needed “Business Expansion Tools”. It made sense to me that if I continued conducting my business in the same manner, I wouldn’t be able to grow beyond my own ability and that I needed someone to teach me so I could become more able.

I will share with you what I did to expand beyond myself.

I hired a consultant who specialized in business applications and  who could apply effective new principals and protocol to significantly expand my business. That same consultant technology is being used today by many of the fortune 500 companies. I am now making this technology available to you. Do you want to now what I paid that consultant? I’ll tell you when you register. [HINT: We are making this exact same consulting package available to you for 1/4th what I paid].

An opportunity is something you can accept or reject. There is an opportunity for you to safely and professionally double your business. Therefore - I ask you -

Will you investigate this opportunity offered to you from Dr. Frank and Arte?

Do you accept that sometimes you have to do something different in order to expand?

Do you trust me and believe that I want your business to expand?

Can Arte and me become the next mentors to you and reveal to you the exact same business expansion tools that I learned and for 1/4th the cost, so you can expand as I did?

Will you allow us to help you through this seminar and consulting program?


How To Start The Clock.

First I want you to know that this is highly customized and concentrated and we can only accept 15 chiropractors.

It features a hands-on training seminar but the consulting begins before and continues after the seminar.

To get started, we want  a very good view of the key factors affecting your practice, and we will send you a survey to be filled out by you, the doctor and your staff, which is relatively short, but provides good insight into your practice – especially as regards lost income analysis. This is a particular specialty that our consultant Arte Maren has which quickly pinpoints key areas where the potential for income is much greater and then provides the tools to “plug up the holes” so to speak.

Immediately upon your registration

…We send you a questionnaire which is then reviewed by Arte and the results are discussed with the doctor to determine what single item is most in need of attention, which when activated can make the biggest impact on the practice at this time.

Because the upcoming workshop is related to statistical management – we collect the key statistics of the practice and graph it  so that a statistical analysis can be done. This further enables us to isolate the key area whether it be personnel, finances, promotion, marketing, collections  or organization, that we can expand the practice upon.

This exercise of collecting your key stats also prepares the doctor and the office manager to be prepped  for the May 9th-11th seminar and workshop which encompasses the hands-on training needed to not only determine the key stats and the collection of them but what actions to take based upon the graphs.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to influence you towards greater success. If you can accept us as your mentors, you can learn from us and expand your business rapidly. You can duplicate the same success in your chiropractic practice as I did by learning these business tools.

There are 3 major components to every practice:

  1. Clinical - Liberator2 and Dr. Frank focus on the clinical component.
  2. Administrative - Arte Maren teaches business and management growth applications.
  3. Marketing – Dr. Frank is creating a custom marketing program for each attendee as a bonus.

Remember when I asked you to write yourself a check from the bank of the universe? I couldn’t tell which face to match with which amount. I know you can all earn more. I don’t want you to go around with someone else thinking you are worth more than you are and I don’t want you to miss the money you can earn.

Be one of the 15 to join us and register now.

To your business growth & expansion,


To register or get more information, e-mail Dr. Frank@:

PS: This is being made available to you for 1/4th of the price I paid in 1979. [You're welcome].

PPS: Dr. Frank will send a marketing survey questionnaire and create a custom marketing program for each attendee.


























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